A downloadable game for Windows

Short game for the Weekly Game Jam 191 (Theme: Ambush).

Game name: Liberty and Agony

Fight against three bears in the forest. Collect upgrades to becomes stronger and make yourself invisible when the fight becomes difficult.


WASD move

Mouse turn around

Left Click attack

Right click become invisible


My work was game design and programming, I am not a great artist.

Used a bunch of helpful assets/tools to make the visuals:

- font: hu_the_game
- music from freepd.com
RealIvy for ivy simulation
EpicToonFx blood particle effects
- LowPoly Rocks to build the outside environment
AltarRuinsFree for the altar
FMColor for color grading
Force Field shader
Bear Warrior
- Cartoon heroes
HxVolumetric lighting

Thanks for checking out the game, leave a comment. Feel free to be critical.


LibertyAndAgony.zip 171 MB


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Mouse controls is like for flight simulator.. :X

I think game easy even without upgrades