Death by Dragons

Die to earn upgrades

* Reduced Quality in WebGL-Build, use standalone Windows Build for better performance and lighting


WASD: Move

Left Mouse Button: Attack

Move mouse: Camera

How to Play

Glorious knight, prove your strength by facing mythical dragons in epic 1vs1 battles. 

Each battle comes with more deadly opponents.

If you can complete a level, you will gain nothing.

But if you die, you will be granted a precious selection of random status upgrades. 

Use your new strength to retry the level. 

Select power ups strategically, find your opponent's weakness.

  • Upgrade your Maximum-Health
  • Upgrade your Movement Speed
  • Upgrade the Amount of Damage of your Sword
  • Unlock auto regenerating Health

Dont die!

After you complete all levels your death counter will be ranked on a scoreboard. Increase your rating by less dies in your next run!

Have fun dying!


European Dragon symbol by Dragons8

We used a lot of Assets from the Unity Asset Store, thanks to these creations we are able to realize our idea a lot faster! Check them out:

Ground Texture
Low Poly Rocks
Json Total
Animal Skull:

Deathy by Dragons is a game by Vincenzo Angrisano and Leon Arndt

We would love to hear what you think, leave us a comment!


Download 62 MB


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great boss fight

Good game, the camera is disturbing a little, but  i like epic music and quality of the models ! It was fun !

Won at first try. EASY :D
It was so obvious.. he will try to attack from front or back..


Can't see download button or image :X

thanks for comment, download available now